google fi eSIM قوقل فاي

 Google Fi eSIM
google fi eSIM

Frequently asked questions

What carriers support eSIM?

 eSIM is an embedded SIM that lets you set up your connection on screen the moment you power on your new device. With eSIM, you can set your phone up with the tap of a button—no physical SIM card required.

 Does project fi Support eSIM?

 Google Fi is currently piloting eSIM, so the option to set up your new Pixel with eSIM appears only in Pixel 3 or Pixel 2s purchased from the Google Fi website and Google Store in the US. Simply power up your Pixel and set aside your SIM card to begin setup with Google Fi. If you would rather not use Google Fi’s eSIM, you can insert a physical SIM card at any time and set up your phone as you normally would.
as google announced

 if you have problem with Pixel phone look at this Article Get a SIM card & insert it into a Pixel phone

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