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Setup Google Shopping and Connect it To Google Adsense

 Setup Google Shopping and Connect it To Google Adsense   What is Google Shopping? Google Shopping, formerly known as Google Product Listing Ads (PLA), is a cost per click (CPC) advertising powered by two platforms: Google Ads ( formerly AdWords) and Google Merchant Center . In a nutshell, the Google Merchant Center is where your product feed resides in and Google Ads is where you purchase the ads, set budget, control bids, get insights, etc. We will talk more about them later on. Google Shopping ads enable shoppers to swiftly and conveniently find your online store’s products while they’re searching on Google. Shoppers are provided with these five key product information inside your ads that will help in their purchase decision and product comparison, without the need for merchants to build separate ads for each product they sell: Product Image – possible automatic cropping of the image to focus more on the product. Product Title – the name of the product. Price

Getting Started With Google Shopping and Adsense

 Getting Started With Google Shopping and Adsense   How to setup Google Shopping? Google Shopping has its own platform called  Google merchant center   , log in and register for a new account ... After entering the site, you will need to fill in some of the following information: In the menu on the left you find the Home and in it a chart appears in different colors through which you know the status of your feed, and the feed is a file in which the information of the various products that you intend to announce via google shopping, which means that it is necessary to raise all products That you want to advertise on the google merchant center platform, and this is what we will do next ... There is also an option of opportunities in which Google provides you with some advice that would increase the effectiveness of your advertisement, and this is an important aspect that the Facebook platform lacks, as Google works for people whose only goal is to help you get

How Google Ads Works, Best Ways To Connect Adsense Product

How Google Ads Works, Best Ways To Connect Adsense to Google Shopping   Google Ads Explanation And Its Mechanisms: Google ads is an advertising platform affiliated with the giant company Google, through which you can announce a product, service or application ... in front of a large number of people, according to statistics, Google receives at least 63,000 searches per second, You can imagine how many searches per month, and in them you can find people interested in your field of business. Google provides in its platform Google Ads several types and forms of ads, including: - google shopping, in which your product appears in the search engine in Google in the form of a picture of the product, its title, its price, the name of your site in addition to some additions such as Feedback and the most important features. - Display, in which your ads appear on sites that use the Google Adsense service. - Video, which are advertisements for the YouTube platform of Googl