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Getting Started With Google Shopping and Adsense

 Getting Started With Google Shopping and Adsense


How to setup Google Shopping?

Google Shopping has its own platform called Google merchant center  , log in and register for a new account ...

After entering the site, you will need to fill in some of the following information:

In the menu on the left you find the Home and in it a chart appears in different colors through which you know the status of your feed, and the feed is a file in which the information of the various products that you intend to announce via google shopping, which means that it is necessary to raise all products That you want to advertise on the google merchant center platform, and this is what we will do next ...

There is also an option of opportunities in which Google provides you with some advice that would increase the effectiveness of your advertisement, and this is an important aspect that the Facebook platform lacks, as Google works for people whose only goal is to help you get what you want from advertising, because if you win they They win like that.

And thirdly, the option for business information's, in which you will find:

- About your business in which you will place your website link, business address and contact page.
- In which you will be required to add a special code for your site in order to verify its identity, and among the available options you find google analytics google my father, I hope you have written it before, then click on the claim in order to verify the identity of your site.
- Branding, in which you place business logo images, and you will find various sizes.

Fourthly, the product option, and here the information for the products that you want to advertise will be entered, and we will discuss them later in this article.

Fifthly, the tax, in which you will find the option of Setting after that, click on the tax setup and know the option of configure no nexus for all states. It is important that if you do not do it, you will not be accepted in advertising in the United States of America.

Sixth, the shipping option in which you will place the delivery information for your product, log in to services, press the + button and then name the service with any name, for example, free shipping, and choose the country you want to target, to show other data, in the delivery time, specify the handling time, i.e. How much time do you need to ship the product, and the transit time, i.e. how long does shipping take to reach the product to its owner, and leave you from the order cutoff time, and in the shipping rates, press the + button and then choose all products if you provide free shipping for all products, and vice versa You provide only some, then put a specific name for the service, then click on create a single rate for all products and in the option of shipping cost choose the fixed rate and Mama in the price Put 0.00 that you offer free shipping. Finally click on continue and then on save, what you have done now will do for the different countries you want to target.

Now we will come to the products option and you will find:

- Diagnostic, indicating the condition of your products, if there is a problem for you to repair.
- List shows the list of feeds that have been accepted in the google merchant center by clicking on each feed, you will find information about it and the problems associated with it that made Google not accept it.
- feed is the place for adding the feed for the products, press the + button, choose the target country, and the language, after that in the primary feed name, put a specific name for the feed, and here Google offers you various ways to raise your products to the google merchant center platform, better to use google Sheet given that it is the easiest and you will not need to raise a large number of products, then after that you know the option to generate a new google spreadsheet template and then press the continue button to be connected to your account with google forms and then after that you will create the feed in the feed list and in it You will find the open button, after clicking it, you will be taken directly to google sheet, and here the data will be filled in as follows:

You may find some words that begin with please refer to .. Scan it, but do not change or delete the ID, Title, and description ...

- ID is the product identification number, set anything you want that differs from one product to another.
- Title Put the title of the product, and it must be available on the keyboard you want to target,
- Write a description of your product, and try to use the first 80 words in the keyboard mode you want to target.
- Link the product link,
- Condition is his condition, is it new or pre owned
- price of the product price and you should write it as XX.XX USD Do not add the dollar symbol here $ 
- availability is sure to put In stock
- image link Image link which should be clear, white background and without marketing additions.
- gtin does not put anything in it
- mpn put in it any code you want, this code is the UPC and is a code for a specific product.
- brand the name of your site.
- google product category which is the catagory of your product, here you will find the google list in determining the catagories of the products, search for the nearest product and make a Cuban for the entire catagory, for example:

Animals & Pet Supplies > Pet Supplies > Dog Supplies > Dog Kennel & Run Accessories
Then put it in the category in the Google Sheet.

The same thing you will do with all the products that you want to advertise, some of that will turn off the Google Sheet (it will be saved automatically), after completion, go back to the feed feature in google merchant center and then click on the name of the video (not on open) and you will find a fetch now button It is the button that you ask Google to review the feed for the products you entered, after 2-3 days, either the feed is accepted and thus you are finished, or refuse it for a specific reason, and here you will know the reason, treat it, and do the fetch now again.

Important notes:

- Sometimes, the Google Crawler rejects the feed for a specific reason, by telling you that you have not added a price for shipping, even though you have added it. All you have to do is press fetch now again.
- The product page or the footer of the site should be available on your business address and email, then on a photo of the various payment methods that you accept.

All you have to do now is create a google ads account with the same email that you created the merchant center in order to make a link between the two platforms, and to do that, in the merchant center platform at the top on the right you will find 3 points click on it and choose account linking and you will find a google ads account in Unlinked case Link to it.

There are some distinctive additions that you find by clicking on the three points and then choosing the merchant center programs option, to find some great features such as product rating that appear as stars in your ad, something that increases the percentage of CTR or the percentage of pressure on your ad.

After accepting your feed, we have finished the google merchant center, so let's move to the google ads platform.

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