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How Google Ads Works, Best Ways To Connect Adsense Product

How Google Ads Works, Best Ways To Connect Adsense to Google Shopping


Google Ads Explanation And Its Mechanisms:

Google ads is an advertising platform affiliated with the giant company Google, through which you can announce a product, service or application ... in front of a large number of people, according to statistics, Google receives at least 63,000 searches per second, You can imagine how many searches per month, and in them you can find people interested in your field of business.

Google provides in its platform Google Ads several types and forms of ads, including:

- google shopping, in which your product appears in the search engine in Google in the form of a picture of the product, its title, its price, the name of your site in addition to some additions such as Feedback and the most important features.
- Display, in which your ads appear on sites that use the Google Adsense service.
- Video, which are advertisements for the YouTube platform of Google, where your ad is broadcast on videos.
- Search in which your ads appear in the search engine and are similar to the regular results of the Google search engine.
- App, which is the special type for mobile applications.

Google relies on its platform Google Ads on the bidding or bidding on the keywords, if you sell for example a red cap, it is necessary that you bid on the keywords that have to do with the product, red shoes for sale as an example in this case, the advertisers competing with you are also like bidding On the same keyboard, what makes Google choose the best in terms of the daily budget for advertising, bidding and the quality of the ad , to appear on the page and first rank, so whoever sets $ 100 as a daily budget for the ad and is ready to pay $ 1 on each click and the quality of his site is better than the one who set $ 50 As a budget, it pays less than a dollar p I click, and its site quality is poor ...

Therefore, choosing the keyboard is important, personally he chose long tail keywords, which are long keywords (3 words or more), and it has a good search from 100 to 1000 per month, and more importantly, the competition is few, because you simply will not be able to compete with Amazon or one of the major companies in the bidding ...

In this article, we will focus on Google shopping due to its strength in drawing attention, on the basis that in another article we will look at Search, which is the second best choice that you can work with ...

Explain Google Shopping:

After you know the different types of ads provided by Google, and how the advertising system works in Google Ads, a role comes to explaining google shopping and through it your ad appears as follows in the Google search engine:

After the potential customer searches for a specific keyword, the results appear in the following form, so that the image of the product, price, product title, brand and some features appear ... and therefore most of the information that the potential customer is searching for without the need to enter your site, just as Google will not It takes from you, not a cent, as long as the visitor does not click on your ad, unlike Facebook ads, you are not required to pay for each impression ...

How to setup Google Shopping?

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