Learn how to make money from Google ads and google shopping

make money from Google ads and Google Shopping

Copyrights to Google and Google Shopping

Most of the platforms of major companies are fighting the old means of electronic marketing to obtain free traffic from them, whether for the Shopify , Wokomers or Blog, due to their strong knowledge of the principle of You need to pay, to play, which indicates that you must invest an amount both in Facebook ads Google Ads or any other platform, in order to obtain traffic and thus obtain sales, which will make it seem an impediment to you, whether in choosing the best advertising platform or in the ways to exploit it to your advantage, and this is what I will try to address in this article and in other articles.

Among the frequently asked questions in the advertising field is: What is the difference between Google ads and Facebook ads? 
An important question I liked to address in this article in order to remove dust from everything that is vague, personally what made me the best Google ads on Facebook is that in Google Ads you can advertise your product in front of a group of people who are interested in it and those looking for it, unlike Facebook, you are required to You convince the potential customer of your product, so that it is difficult to sell on Facebook platform unlike Google, and the conversion rate in this latter is much greater than Facebook, but there is an important point about the cost of conversion, since in Google you have to sell a product at a high price because The cost of the conversion is somewhat expensive, but Facebook, like that, is following in the footsteps of Google that it costs It has become somewhat expensive, so I would not advise you to sell a product for less than $ 50, whether on Facebook or Google.

Since the article is dedicated to Google ads, we will look at what Google Ads is, its mechanisms, and how to use it to advertise your products and services ...,
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