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sign up to Starlink Internet

sign up to Starlink Internet

Today we will address starlink service its features and disadvantages and how to subscribe to it so follow with us

Starlink is the name of the satellite network developed by space travel company SpaceX to provide low-cost Internet for remote locations. While SpaceX eventually hopes to have up to 12,000 satellites in the so-called 'huge constellation', the size and scope of the project has confused astronomers and amateur sky watchers, who fear that bright orbital objects will interfere with the universe's observations.

Preliminary plan

SpaceX's satellite internet proposal was announced in January 2015. Although he was not named at the time, CEO Elon Musk said the company had submitted documents to international regulators to place about 4,000 satellites in low-Earth orbit.

"We're really talking about something that's long-term like rebuilding the Internet in space," Musk said during a speech in Seattle at the unveiling of the project.

How Starlink Works

Each Starlink satellite weighs 500 pounds. (227 kilograms) is roughly the size of a table, according to Sky & Telescope magazine.

Business Insider reported that instead of sending Internet signals via electrical cables, which must actually be placed to reach remote locations, the Satellite Internet works by transmitting information through a space vacuum, where it travels 47% faster than fiber optic cable.

The current satellite internet works using a large spacecraft orbiting about 22,236 miles (35,786 km) above a certain spot on Earth. But at this distance, there are generally significant delays in time in sending and receiving data. By approaching our planet and communicating together, Starlink satellites aim to quickly transfer large amounts of information to any point on Earth, even across the oceans and in hard-to-reach places where the cost of connecting fiber optic cables is below.

Musk said starlink will be able to provide "secondary" Internet coverage after the operation and operation of 400 spacecraft, and "moderate" coverage after the operation of about 800 satellites.

Does starlink internet cover Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Saudi Arabia, uae or the rest of the Arab world?

Elon Musk added that the initial beta test would apply to those in "high latitudes." So far, SpaceX has said that Starlink will initially be available to customers in Canada and the northern United States in 2020, with an additional service expanding to follow other parts of the world throughout 2021. On Twitter in response to a question about Musk said whether Germany considers a "high latitude," noting that the beta service may at least be available in more markets than the United States and Canada before next year.

Starlink Internet Prices

SpaceX has not yet released pricing details for internet service, but the company continued to emphasize that pricing would be affordable.

Countries that lack services and rural parts of the world will benefit most from Starlink satellite internet service, as will cities where ISP providers are getting away with high prices due to lack of competition.

Features and disadvantages of starlink speed

Until now there is no evaluation of the Internet service Starlink because it is in the pilot phase and yet we hope that the speeds will be high contrary to the tradition of the Arab world


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